Precisely! Why Not Victory?

“ …there are still some Americans who do not understand that we have been at war…with an enemy who has never hidden his objective of destroying us and all other people who cherish freedom… there can no longer be any doubt about our situation in today’s world: we are at war; not a cold war but a real war…if we lose [it] will mean the end of freedom as we know it…but we need not lose this war…victory is the key to the whole problem; the only alternative is—obviously –defeat…as a people, through our government we must begin this effort by proclaiming that we intend victory as our lot and that we will shape our every move to accomplish it…once having made this decision, which should have been made long ago, we can design our national strategy to achieve it…Americans today must know their enemy…yet there are those among us who still suggest that we can co-exist…these people are the hard core of those who, whatever their reasons, will not and do not recognize the real threat of the enemy without…”

Dear reader, I am going to ask of you a favor, and that is to re-read the above quotation. Then I ask that you close your eyes and think about what is being said, take as long as you wish, I am right here and I am not going anywhere for a long time, then (hopefully if this works as well as I planned), scroll down and see as to who made this statement.

The statement was made by the late Senator from Arizona Barry Goldwater in a book written in 1962 and is entitled:

“Why Not Victory”

The former Senator was in his remarks referring to Communism. In particular he was speaking about the former evil empire the Soviet Union, and its cohorts.

IF, I had my way this would be required reading for all HS freshman. It is well known that the educational elite lean to the left, however IF I could insert one book it would be this one.

Little did the late Senator know that his words would become so chilling prophetic in this day and age. His words still hold true even to this day. It is amazing to me how it seems that the same people that were sitting with their heads in the sand are still doing so at this time.

Go ahead read the quote again and see if it does not apply to the current war on Islamo-facism.

The senator goes on to quote Clausewitz’ “On War” who says:

“…unity from one standpoint and it is only the keeping to one point of view that guards us from inconsistency…”


The nation needs to behind this war 100%, and yet, we do not see this happening. There are, as the late senator said, those that chose to either ignore the reality, or appease those that would do us harm. They are in the words of Senator Goldwater hoping;

“to buy the world for our side rather than to gain its respect by strong action for freedom…we have rather proceeded on the assumption that virtue [is] its own reward and that our only real goal and to make the world love us and perceive our virtue…moreover, we entered this supposed contest for world approval with a kind of guilt complex. (Perhaps the dropping of the Atom bomb on Hiroshima had something to do with it.)…in order to prove that we were not selfish, ambitious, warlike…we [have begun] to lean over backwards and to gear our policies to the opinions of others…American policy has been primarily an exercise in self-ingratiation…because of the overriding importance of having the world think well of us. This sluggish sentimentality, this obsession for pleasing people has now become a matter of grand strategy…”

If this does not sound like the Librocrats, I do not know what else would. Who else but they would feel this way? And what is a marv to me is the fact that the senator saw all of this back in 1962, and his words still hold true today.

It is the suggestion of this writer that all of you, dear readers, put this book on your “wish list” for Christmas. Or better yet get it now. Let your children read it if they are of age, and prove to them that what was true then is true now.

As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes:

“There is nothing new under the sun”


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