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Democrat’s Iraq Strategy

Speaks for itself………….


Does Elway Have the Drive?

***UPDATED AT END*** The Hill reports on speculation that former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway will run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated in 2008 by Sen. Wayne Allard:

Elway’s office at the Colorado Crush of the Arena Football League said yesterday that Elway “has no intentions of running,” and observers say a 2008 Senate bid that could muddy his popular image is unlikely, though attractive to the party.

Just in case “no intentions” means “as of now,” The Hill looks at Elway’s record of political involvement, and his chances should he decide to enter the race:

Elway, a two-time Super Bowl winner, has been involved mostly behind the scenes in Republican politics since retiring in the late 1990s. He has generally focused on the top-of-the-ticket races – the Senate in 2004 and governorship in 2006 – while dabbling in business ventures like car dealerships and the Crush. Elway’s nine-year relationship with a Denver-area car dealership chain ended late last year, prompting some to suggest politics was next.

He has given thousands to Colorado GOP candidates including [former U.S. Rep. Scott] McInnis, [former Senate candidate Pete] Coors, Rep. Tom Tancredo and 2006 7th district House candidate Rick O’Donnell. He has also contributed to former Rep. Rick Lazio (R-N.Y.) and the Republican National Committee, according to Federal Election Commission reports. He contributed more in the 2006 cycle than previous cycles.

Some other comments from the story:

Colorado GOP consultant Katy Atkinson, noting that Elway increased his activity this past cycle, said, “I think if John Elway wants it, it’s his. He has god-like status in Colorado.”

Colorado Republican Party spokesman Bryant Adams said Elway would be “a viable candidate,” especially as he could help fund his own campaign. “I’d say his name I.D.’s probably pretty close to 100 [percent]. The question is: Would he want to get in? I just don’t know, frankly.”

Colorado independent pollster Floyd Ciruli thinks Elway would be formidable, but he doesn’t think Elway will run: “You just don’t see him do the whole policy-strengthening and intense schmoozing you see from somebody thinking about it.”

Mort Marks, a longtime GOP operative in Arapahoe County said Elway wouldn’t be a shoe-in. “It would not be an automatic win. It’s very equivalent to running Pete Coors.”

Coors was popular and had high name-recognition in Colorado but ended up losing to Democrat Ken Salazar 51-47.