The Plague

There is a plague upon our nation. A cultural plague. Its name? Gangsterism. Why is this thing so terrible? Well, for a number of reasons. Rap is not music. You might be saying to yourself right now, “well, of course its music! everyone says so!” but this is not true. Music needs to go under two certain criteria. one, is it needs to have a beat, something rap has. But the next thing, which is the most important criteria, is that it needs MUSICAL notes, which is music. Rap is missing this. Therefore it is an artform, and a very simple one at that. Therefore rap is distracting us from true musicianship, and is encouraging an artform that takes little talent to do.

And as if destroying the very name of music wasnt enough, there is more. The lyrical content. It is complete garbage. It tells you to F*** that B**** and toss her dead a** out the window. Now isnt that just heart warming? I mean, who needs “god bless america”? And that is only the least of the terrible words that they say so fast, we dont notice it at first. But as we listen to it constantly, the subliminal messaging gets ingrained into our kid’s heads. The conclusion of this point? Rap is mind control for the innocent children of america.

And maybe that is the reason why the public is welcoming this poison that is seeping through this countrie’s veins so warmly. The grammy for “most original song” went to some rap song called “its tough being a pimp” or something like that. Something that isnt even music goes to something that for one is completely unoriginal. When will this end? Our countrie’s fads come and go, favorable or unfavorable, but this is just going to far. Its been spreading too fast for too long. Disney just took a Mary Poppins Classic “supercalafragalisticecspialagoshist” and turned it into a rap, and promoted it all over.

We have to do something. People need to speak out against this. we need a plan, to return american to some depth and valorous philosophies. I do have one, here is my myspace profile, in the about me section I poured my heart and sould into. It is the eventual mindset of every human being in the course of life. – take a look and let me know what you think.


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