3 Men Caught With 1,000 Cell Phones

Note:This appears on Blog America as well.

Yesterday three men(ages 19,22,23) were caught in Caro Michigan, with 1,000 cell phones in their van. They all have Middle Eastern roots but are United States citizens. Evidently they had purchased 80 cell phones at Wall Mart although there is a 3 phone limit. The clerk got suspicious and called the police. When they looked in the van they saw about 1,000 cell phones in one bucket and in the other the batteries. Also in the van was multiple recipts from other Wall Marts. When the police asked them why they had purchased them, they said they were just selling the cell phones for more money. “The cell phones can be used as detonators. Batteries can be disassembled and used to make methamphetamine. Obviously there’s something wrong here,” said the Police Chief Ben Page.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. It seems that terrorism is trying to spread even in the United States by United States citizens. I’m glad they caught them or who knows what might have happened. For all I know they were’nt going to use them here, but some how ship them to the Middle East. Either way, it seems to be a growing problem.


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