Should Felons Lose Voting Rights For Life?

Florida is one of three states that prohibit anyone convicted of a felony to be able to vote for life. Some people think it should be returned on a case by case basis, some think once a person has served their term they should be given their voting rights back and others believe the law is fair and they should never be given their rights back.

I believe the answer is simple. Once you commit a felony you have made a choice that the law is meant for others not yourself, that is obvious. The right to vote is precious because it is your way to effect the laws of the land. If you have done your time, and have demonstrated that you are truly sorry for your crimes by being a model citizen for 10 years you should be able to get your voting rights back.

We all make mistakes and do foolish things, but those mistakes and foolish things do sometimes have long-term consequences. One person who is feeling those consequences is Melissa Clemmer. In the Tampa Tribune there is an article about her plight. According to the article:


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