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Iraq has made progress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – I am back and hope all had a great holiday. Last evening I was as usual listening to the radio and heard a terrific email that was sent in to confront people that say we made things so much worse in Iraq. You know there is truth in “Rome was not built in a day.” Most countries were not built in 3 years either. Most construction projects in a modern US city take as long or longer than the work being done in Iraq.

The three regional sewage treatments plants in greater Baghdad did not work; raw waste poured into the Tigris River and downstream through villages. SadrCity, the impoverished Shi’iteslum repressed by the ruling Sunni Ba’athParty, lacked any sewage system. “Some slam the Americans because there is sewage in SadrCity,” said an incredulous Mr. Popps. “Please.”

The electrical grid suffered under 1950s technology and disrepair. Saddam Hussein starved the rest of the country of power to give the capital of 6 million about 20 hours a day.

The country lacked any primary health care facilities; hospitals and schools were run down and lacked supplies.

And of course a very important point:

Imagine if the US military had control of the Middle Eastern media like the jihadist have over the courtier press here? Our problems would’ve been over years ago.


Should Felons Lose Voting Rights For Life?

Florida is one of three states that prohibit anyone convicted of a felony to be able to vote for life. Some people think it should be returned on a case by case basis, some think once a person has served their term they should be given their voting rights back and others believe the law is fair and they should never be given their rights back.

I believe the answer is simple. Once you commit a felony you have made a choice that the law is meant for others not yourself, that is obvious. The right to vote is precious because it is your way to effect the laws of the land. If you have done your time, and have demonstrated that you are truly sorry for your crimes by being a model citizen for 10 years you should be able to get your voting rights back.

We all make mistakes and do foolish things, but those mistakes and foolish things do sometimes have long-term consequences. One person who is feeling those consequences is Melissa Clemmer. In the Tampa Tribune there is an article about her plight. According to the article: