Pedophile blog alert

I was reading a post at the very informative and much needed blog Absolute Zero United. They highlight websites, blogs and individuals who are monsters in our society, the pathetic wastes of lives that prey on small children. They highlighted a blog I almsot could not believe is out there. The name of the blog is Glorious Girls. It was founded by a man who goes by the name GL Meister from Western New York. He talks about how turned on he gets by girls between the age of 2-14, and not only has had sex with them, but fantasizes about having sex with them.

I cannot stomach reading the pages to even quote this from this assclown’s blog it makes me so sick. As the “PARENT” of a 6 y/o daughter I am repulsed by a person like this, and do not understand how Google allows it to continue. If you visit the link above, in the Blogger box above the page you can flag this page. After doing so send an E-mail to Blogger Support and give them the URL of the page and advise that this page needs to be removed because it is criminal and violates their own TOS.


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