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Is This Good Or Bad News?

I have seen this post on both The Jawa Report and Amercian and Proud blogs about a report that Al-Qaeda is evacuating Baghdad with some of the insurgent groups in advance of the U.S. Force increase in Baghdad and Anbar Province. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The report was apparently provided to PJM by an Senior Military Intelligence officer who said:

Al Qaeda terrorists are fleeing Baghdad in advance of President Bush’s 21,500-man troop surge, a senior military intelligence officer told Pajamas Media today. Under orders from the al Qaeda commander in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, fighters are streaming toward the Diyala region of Iraq….The apparent evacuation of Baghdad by al Qaeda forces comes from direct orders issued by al-Masri, the former soldier who took control of the Iraqi wing of al Qaeda following the June 2006 bombing death of Zarqawi.

Initially, the intelligence officer informed Pajamas, the Baghdad-based AQ fighters did not want to leave. Al-Masri had to send unequivocal orders for their retreat, adding that one of the lessons from the Fallujah campaign was that Americans have learned how to prevail in house-to-house fighting. Masri said that remaining in Baghdad was a ‘no-win situation’ for the terrorists.

Iraq The Model blog is also reporting this same news they are getting from Iraqi new sources over there. The Islamic extremist webpages are also talking about this development so I believe it must be true.

Here is the problem though. As Jawa and American and Proud point out if Bush and our Congress would of kept there mouths shut this would have been our chance to gain the upperhand in Iraq. I do not understand the military anymore. When I was in the Navy in the 80’s we would do what we had to and not telegraph our punches. Now we seem to announce our plans weeks ahead of time and then act surprised when we don’t get the results we desire. Look at Fallujah, what a disaster that was.

Get the politicans out of the war and let the military do their job. I keep saying it, but no one seems to listen. War by committee is doomed to failure, Vietnam and Korea showed us that. Lets not repeat the mistakes of the past.


What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum and Library

I was sent this by Texas Fred and it is an excellent article. As TF states:

This is a LONG piece, and it does start off with a slight bit of Bush bashing, but it rapidly stops as the author goes into great detail regarding the business dealings of the Clinton’s… Please, if you’re going to look at it, read it ALL, it is very enlightening, and I honestly think Hillary believes these matters are long forgotten… Well, they’re NOT…

What You Won’t Find in the Clinton Museum and Library